Jang Dong Gun cheers for Korea Dream Team in “World Baseball Classic”

2006-03-20 06:33:13 2010-11-24 11:03:33

3/17/06 – On 3/16, Jang Dong Gun shows up in the “Taegukgi Ceremony” held after Korean baseball team beats Japanese team in the second round match of the “World Baseball Classic" held at “Angel Stadium” of Anaheim, California.  Together with entertainers Choi Soo Jong, Kim Soo Ro, MC Mong and movie director Kang Je Gyoo, JDG loudly cheers for Korea Dream Team clinching a berth in the semifinals of the inaugural WBC. 

JDG is one of the members of entertainers’ baseball team “Playboys”.  Since he doesn’t have busy schedule currently, he travels to California to watch the second round match between baseball teams of Korea and Japan at “Angel Stadium”.  Some Japanese female fans spot JDG and ask taking picture with him together.  Choi Soo Jong mobilizes more than 30,000 overseas Koreans cheering for Korean Dream Team with passionate slogans such as “Republic of Korea, Oh ~ Must Win Korea!”  The representative of CSJ’s agency states, “Although Choi Soo Jong is a soccer mania, he is every excited in cheering for Korea Dream Team in the WBC Final Four (Korea, Japan, Dominican Republic, Cuba).  He will return to Korea after games of Final Four are wrapped up.”   (Note: Korea lost to Japan in a semifinal game held on 3/18, Saturday night)