Singer Rain, Actress Lim Soo-jung to Act Together in New Film

2006-03-20 07:55:34 2010-11-24 11:03:33

Update : Mar 20, 2006 KST 16:42

Singer Rain (real name: Chung Ji-hoon), a top hallyu star in Asia, and young actress Lim Soo-jung have met Park Chan-wook, a world-renowned director of the Cannes International Film Festival award-winning film "Old Boy," for the first time. They met to discuss the filming of Park’s new film entitled "It’s Okay, Though You’re a Cyborg."

The three celebrities read the script of the film for the first time at the film production agency, Moho Film, on the afternoon of Mar. 18. Their meeting was arranged after Park made the final decision to star Lim and Rain in the film.

According to an official from the film production agency on Mar. 20, the group felt somewhat awkward at first, but the ice was broken after they read the script for about three to four hours and had meals together.

"It’s Okay, Though You’re a Cyborg," a new HD film, will be directed by Park, the director of "Old Boy" and "Sympathy for Lady Vengeance." It portrays a story about a woman, who believes herself to be a combat cyborg, meeting a man, a serious case of a social misfit, at a mental hospital.

This will be the first film Rain will act in, although he has made his presence known as an actor in TV dramas such as "Let’s Go to School, Sang-doo!" and "A Love to Kill." For the new film, Rain will play the lead character using his real name, Chung Ji-hoon.

Lim, who has yet to finish the final scenes of her new film "Lump Sugar," has been cast as the lead female character. The shooting of the new film "It’s Okay, Though You’re a Cyborg" will begin late this month. Most of the scenes, including those at the mental hospital, will be filmed in Busan.