Singer K Captivates Both Korea and Japan

2006-03-27 15:17:42 2010-11-24 11:03:37


Singer K performed a “guerrilla” concert at COEX in Samsung-dong, Seoul on Saturday afternoon, drawing 500 fans.

Sponsored by Korea’s largest internet music site Muz (, the concert became a venue for K to demonstrate his status as a promising Korean star ready to sweep Asia, as there were many Japanese fans present as well as Korean fans.

Right before coming to the concert, K appeared on a music program on MBC TV, where he also attracted many viewers by singing “Tears May Know,” the song he is promoting from his recent second feature album. He also just returned from Japan, where he toured six cities starting from Sendai on March 10 and ending at Hukuoka on March 20. Every concert on his tour was sold out, proving his popularity in Japan.

His surprise appearance at the guerrilla concert caused a stir at COEX as many fans in their teens and 20s who were there to see a movie rushed to the concert to see him. K sang seven songs, including his latest hit song “Smile,” while playing the piano, receiving thunderous applause.

K plans to actively perform in Korea for the time being while giving intermittent performances in Japan.