Film “Swiri” to Be Adapted into 20-Episode TV Drama in Japan

2006-03-29 16:25:31 2010-11-24 11:03:39


The film "Swiri" (1998) produced by Kang Jae-kyu Film (currently MK Pictures), which broke the box-office record of previous domestic films in 1999, will be remade as a TV drama in Japan.

MK Pictures, headed by Lee Eun, said it has signed a contract with GDH Group of Japan in Tokyo on Mar. 28 to plan and develop the TV drama and DVD versions of "Swiri."

Earlier on, the two companies concluded a memorandum of understanding on comprehensive cooperation in the film industry on Feb. 21. As their first joint project, they agreed to produce a total of 20 episodes of "Swiri" for the TV drama and DVD series. The "Swiri" film attracted 6.2 million viewers in Korea and 1.5 million in Japan.

MK Pictures will take charge of planning and developing the project, while the two companies will equally share the total production cost of 6 billion won.

GDH Group holds Gonzo, the largest animation production agency in Japan. GDH is actively engaged in investing in global content, managing licenses of productions, and selling products overseas using its animation-related business arm.