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Daniel Henney, currently appearing in director Yun Seok-ho’s final installment of his four seasons of love "Spring Waltz," says of all the beautiful Korean actresses he has worked with, he would most like to work with Jeon Ji-hyun again. It can have been no easy decision given that others have included Lee Hyo-lee, Kim Tae-hee and Jung Ryeo-won.

Henney’s first opportunity to work with the superstar came in a commercial for Olympus. "The concept of the commercial wasn’t that simple, but she was extremely focused on her work, and very professional," Henney told the Chosun Ilbo’s sister publication Sports Chosun. "And I thought that if we could just act together one more time, that it would be really great."

It’s not that he scoffs at the others. He also has praise for Kim Tae-hee, with whom he shot a commercial for LG Telecom. "Kim’s English is very good," says the half-American actor. "She always smiles and is easy-going and funny.”

Henny has just completed yet another commercial, for the cosmetics company biotherm, which brought him together with K-pop star and all-round idol Lee Hyo-lee. "I liked her because she’s a girl-next-door type who I feel comfortable to approach and talk to," he reveals. "She has these little creases around eyes when she smiles that are so pretty, and she seems to be able to charm people around her and make everyone feel good." Jung Ryeo-won, who was a partner in the hit drama "My name is Kim Sam-soon" that took him to stardom, has become a close friend. He says the two talk on the phone constantly and are just like old high school buddies.   And now "Spring Waltz" has paired him with Han Hyo-joo. "I’m truly lucky to be able to work with her," he says. "She doesn’t keep anything hidden, and she’s an open-minded person." The drama is the last of a series after "The Scent of Summer," "Autumn Fairy Tale" and of course "Winter Sonata."

Henny usually plays roles where he is faithfully devoted to just one woman in TV soap operas, is that what he is really like? "Until I am able to meet someone who’s my type, I guess I’ll keep being kind of a playboy, but once I find my style I think I could be a devoted man.” he says.

And what would the heartthrob’s type be? He goes for women who are confident, talkative and smile a lot. "I’d like to try dating a Korean girl," he says, showing a dazzling smile of his own.

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