Soh Ji Sup’s new homepage is opened on 3/31

2006-04-03 17:22:03 2010-11-24 11:03:42

4/1/06 – Soh Ji Sup’s new homepage is opened on 3/31.  SJS’s agency “BOF” operates the homepage and the link is

SJS’s profile, projects, activities, past award record, various articles and photos, video clips, and media center are available on this homepage.  The menu “From Jisub” will contain messages from Soh Ji Sup.  “Jisubholic” and “Gift” are specially designed for fan activities.  To serve overseas fans, the homepage contains Korean, Japanese, and English contents.  SJS personally posts a message in “From Jisub” stating, “I wait for the opening with thanks.  I’ll visit here frequently.”