Group “SG Wannabe” Receives 200,000 Orders for 3rd Album

2006-04-06 13:23:27 2010-11-24 11:03:45


The all-male group "SG Wannabe" has received 200,000 orders for its third album following a showcase concert.

An official from the group’s agency, GM Planning, said on the morning of Apr. 6, "SG Wannabe has so far received a total of 200,000 orders for its newest album, including an additional 50,000 orders that were placed following the group’s showcase concert."

On Apr. 3, SG Wannabe gave the showcase concert to promote its third album at the New Millennium Hall of Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul, which was constructed in celebration of the 600th anniversary of the university’s founding.

SG Wannabe had intended to release its third album on Apr. 5, but began additional production to enhance its musicality.

An official from "Poibos," the distribution agency of the group’s third album, said, "We have been inundated with phone calls asking about the timing of the album’s release after songs from the album were introduced on MaxMP3, an online music site, and after the group’s showcase concert. Most of the fans complained about the repeated delays before the album’s release."

The official from this distribution agency also said, "We’ve delayed the release of the album because we want to enhance its musicality. We’re sorry for this. Please understand SG Wannabe for trying to repay its fans’ kindness through quality music."

Meanwhile, SG Wannabe will give a comeback concert on SBS TV’s "Popular Songs" which will air on Apr. 9.