Goo Hye Sun leads KBS1 daily drama “Pure 19”

2006-04-07 02:32:53 2010-11-24 11:03:45

4/6/06 –  Goo Hye Sun will costar with Lee Min Woo in the daily drama “Pure 19” scheduled to be aired by KBS1 on 5/22 following the final episode of "Peculiar Man, Eccentric Woman".

The drama portrays the hardship of a tough young girl Yang Gook Hwa played by Goo Hye Sun.  Lee Min Woo plays the role Hong Woo Kyung.  Gook Hwa is arranged an international marriage by her family when it is facing difficult time. While she is going to Seoul, she has a car accident with Woo Kyung’s uncle’s lover.  Then Woo Kyung helps out Gook Hwa going through hardships. 

Actor Suh Ji Suk plays the role Park Yoon Hoo who works in the Asian branch of a communication company.  Actress Lee Yoon Ji plays the role Park Yoon Jung  who is Yoon Hoo’s younger sister.  Actor Kang Shin Hyung  plays the role Choo So Young  who is the team lead of lawyers and forms triangle love relationship with Gook Hwa and Woo Kyung.   Supporting cast includes Han Jin Hee (plays Yoon Hoo’s father, the CEO of the communication company) and Jo Jung Lim (plays Woo Kyung’s younger sister).

Goo Hye Sun’s previous projects were the drama “The Ballad of Suh Dong” and the sitcom “Nonstop 5”.  Suh Ji Suk acted in movie “The Bow” of 2005.  Lee Yoon Ji acted in the drama “The Palace”.