Production of TV Drama “Spring Waltz” Hits Snag

2006-04-12 16:33:09 2010-11-24 11:03:49


Actor Suh Do-young has been under treatment at a hospital after he took injuries to his facial bones during the filming of the KBS TV2’s Monday-Tuesday miniseries "Spring Waltz."

On the early morning of Apr 11, Suh (playing Jae-ha in the drama) acted opposite actor Daniel Henney (playing Philip) in a love triangle situation involving actress Han Hyo-ju (playing Eun-young). In an action scene, Henney accidently hit Suh in the face with a clenched fist in a moment of "complete disharmony" between the two actors during the filming. As a result, Suh suffered a sunken cheekbone.

The accident occurred despite previous rehearsals. The production of "Spring Waltz" has therefore hit a snag in the aftermath of Suh’s sudden hospitalization. A total of 12 episodes had been broadcast until April 11. The next episodes are expected to focus on a melodramatic love story between Suh and Han. The episodes will make a dramatic turn as Suh recognizes that Han was the girl whom he had met in Cheongsando during his childhood.

In an emergency conference, the production team reportedly discussed how to proceed with its schedule. The team has decided that it would be difficult to go ahead with the filming without Suh because of his heavy role in the drama. An official from Suh’s agency said, "No decision has been reached yet as to whether to continue the filming of the drama without Suh Do-young. As he received injuries to the face, it will be a long time before he completely recovers. But we will know for sure only after his doctor gives a diagnosis."

"Spring Waltz" had suffered from low viewer ratings, contrary to earlier expectations. The production team is reportedly quite anxious over the lead actor of the drama being in the hospital.