Kim Hee Sun and Lee Dong Gun lead SBS drama “Smile Again”

2006-04-14 01:31:20 2010-11-24 11:03:51

4/7/06 – Kim Hee Sun will costar with Lee Dong Gun in the Wednesday-Thursday drama “Smile Again” scheduled to be aired by SBS on 5/17 following the final episode of “Bad Family”.  The drama portrays the love story between a softball player and a perfumer.  The start of the filming is scheduled next week in Korea.  Then, the filming will move to Switzerland around early May.

KHS plays the role Oh Dan Hee who is an employee and softball player of a team sponsored by a perfume company.  Originally, KHS planned to lead the drama “Song of Crazy Love” written by the script writer Lee Yoo Jin.  However, the production company underwent rough casting problem that delays the production of the drama.  Thus, KHS selects to lead “Smile Again”.  LDG plays the role Pan Ha Jin who is a perfumer having superior sense of smelling beautiful perfume.  KHS’s previous drama was “Sad Sonata (MBC)” and LDG’s previous drama was “Stained Glass (SBS)”.  Those two dramas were broadcasted at the same time slot competing with each other then.  Their respective drama partner Kwon Sang Woo and Kim Ha Neul also collaborated in the movie “Almost Love (aka Youth Comic)” currently shown in cinemas.