Lee Byung Hun and Soo Ae lead the movie “Summer Story”

2006-04-14 01:47:38 2010-11-24 11:03:51

4/7/06 – Lee Byung Hun and Soo Ae will lead the movie “Summer Story".  The movie portrays a man searching for his first love buried deep in his heart as well as the main characters’ sorrowful love story happened in the present time and the past. 

LBH plays the role Yoon Suk Young  who is a college professor and he has never forgotten his first love who he met in a village when he was a college student.  Through his good acting skill, LBH will present viewers the main character from his 20s to 60s.  Soo Ae plays the heroine Suh Jung In (서정인) who had a sad first love with Suk Young.  Actor Oh Dal Soo plays the role Nam Gyoon Soo (남균수) who is Suk Young ‘s classmate in college and he provides many information to Suk Young.  The director is Jo Geun Shik who directed the movie “Conduct Zero” of 2002.