Kang Dong-won, Ha Ji-won Promote Film “Duelist” in Japan

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Two next-generation hallyu stars, actor Kang Dong-won and actress Ha Ji-won, gave a press interview at the Teikoku Hotel in Hibiya, Tokyo on Apr. 17 to promote the film "Duelist" (2005) produced by Production M.

The press interview, also attended by the film’s director Lee Myung-se, was covered by about 350 journalists, with 20 movie cameras and 150 camcoders on hand, showing the Japanese media’s high interest in the film and its actors.

Kang sported a stylish black jacket and black pants as befitting an actor who used to be a fashion model himself. Ha wore a white dress suitable for the season.

To a question "what impressions did you have of each other?" Kang said, "It has been a long time since we first met. So, we are on good terms with each other. Ha is a little older than me. She is really kind and gentle. I like her company. She is a good actress who tries really hard."

Ha said, "I had heard that Kang was shy. But I found it was not true. He is a really hard-working actor." When Ha said, "Kang likes sleeping so much that he was late for filming schedules several times," the audience at the interview burst into laughter. Kang also said, "In one scene of the film, we were supposed to dance the Tango during a sword fight. Despite rehearsals, we laughed several times during the actual shooting."

In unison, Kang and Ha actively promoted the film, saying, "It’s a film of a new genre."

In Korea, "Duelist" was released in September of last year. It is a stylish feature-length film that made the headlines. It won high acclaim from the Korean Film Critics Association by winning the association’s awards such as Best Film, Best Director and Best Photography. The film will also be screened in France and Britain. It will be released across Japan on Apr. 22.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/entertainment/news/1392480_11858.html