American Variety Magazine Gives Acclaim to TV Drama “Princess Hours”

2006-04-19 14:45:27 2010-11-24 11:03:55


Variety, an American film and pop art magazine, has attracted public attention by giving critical acclaim to MBC TV’s drama "Princess Hours," also known as "The Palace," calling it a production that has shown the future of Korea’s TV drama industry.

In its latest edition, Variety said, "The 24-episode drama ‘Princess Hours’ is a production that shows the future of Korea’s TV drama industry, while enjoying high viewer ratings of nearly 30 percent."

Variety also said, "More than 230,000 dollars (230 million won) per episode was spent on making elaborately built sets, such as traditional houses and Western interior decorations. If such a trend continues, Korean TV drama producers will spend more and more on expenses."

The magazine introduced the drama’s set, food, and traditional costume designers. It said, "These designers enhanced the aesthetic levels of the drama, ultimately succeeding in luring young viewers."

Variety added, "The Korean film industry also played a big role in helping ‘Princess Hours’ become a successful drama. Both the drama’s director, Hwang In-roe, and its script writer, In Eun-ah, have had experience in film production."

The production team of "Princess Hours" benchmarked film producers’ marketing activities in producing the drama’s posters and outsourcing part of its production. This shows a new kind of drama-producing trend, according to the magazine.