Lee Byung-hun Most Popular Korean Star in Fan Meeting

2006-05-05 03:28:24 2010-11-24 11:04:03


Actor Lee Byung-hun proved himself to be the leading Korean star in Japan by attracting some 42,000 fans to his fan meeting on Wednesday.

The Japanese press all reported on the success of the fan meeting. They said that this was the first time that a fan meeting for a Korean star has ever drawn more than 40,000 fans. The biggest event so far had been the “Korean All Star Summit,” held in September last year, where some 27,000 Japanese fans came to see Korean stars such as Lee and Jang Dong-gun.

Sankei Sports said that the fan meeting was the biggest event for a Korean star that could be recorded as a new milestone in the Korean Wave in Japan, which started with the broadcasting of “Winter Sonata” two years ago.

Lee himself was so moved that he said he had never had a moment like that in his entire life and did not know what to say. His eyes were even wet with tears when the meeting was close to an end. “I wanted to stay calm, but something hot surged up within me,” he told a press conference after the meeting.

When asked if he has plans to appear in a Japanese movie or drama, Lee said with enthusiasm, “I am open to anything. I like challenges and adventures.” He also introduced the new movie he is shooting now, “Summer Story,” saying that it is a miserable love story resulting from ignorance and the oppressive mood of the times, with the 1960s to 1990s as the backdrop.

To the surprise of fans, the three-hour fan meeting had top actress Choi Ji-woo, who played opposite Lee in the hit drama “Beautiful Days,” as well as singers Shin Seung-hoon and Ivy, appear as guests.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/mcontents/entertainment/1395027_11692.html & Digital Chosunilbo