Lee Dong Gun and Kim Hee Sun film SBS drama “Smile Again” in Switzerland

2006-05-08 17:03:27 2010-11-24 11:04:05

5/6/06 – On 5/4, Lee Dong Gun films scenes of his new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Smile Again” at Rigi Kaltbad (리기산 정상) of Switzerland (스위스).  He is paragliding (패러글라이딩) in the beautiful blue sky.  The scenes portray that LDG’s role Pan Ha Jin (반하진) and his lover Choi Yoo Kang (최유강) played by Yoon Se Ah (윤세아) experiment on paragliding. From 7:00a.m. to 9:00a.m., local police escorts the filming team surrounded by tourists. 

Other scenes in Switzerland depict Kim Hee Sun’s role Dan Hee (단희) attending the world-wide softball series at Switzerland.  Ha Jin bumps into Lee Jin Wook (이진욱)’s role Jae Myung (재명) and saves Jae Myung’s life.  After Ha Jin learns that Jae Myung is the second generation of the owner of a big financial corporation, he intentionally gets close to Jae Myung.  The filming in Switzerland will continue till 5/12.  The drama is scheduled to be aired by SBS on 5/17.