New k-pop album releases – May 6 – 12, 2006

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Sori Vol. 1 – 2 be one (May 8)
All Black – Chapter One (May 9)
Shinhwa Vol. 8 – State of the Art (May 11)

Shinhwa’s long awaited cd ‘State of the Art’ is on sale! Shinhwa’s 8th album ‘State of the Art’ follows the idea of ‘class’ and the style is apparent through their music and appearance and the effort of all the members. Shinhwa is considered one of the top artists among other high profile stars like Lee Soo Young, Fly to the Sky, Kim Jong Kook. Shin Hye Sung, and SG Wannabe. Since their first album to their 7th they have had many hits ranging from dance songs to soft ballads with their talents in vocals and rapping. For this album the members are showing a different color of music. Shin Hye Sung, Lee Min Woo, and Kim Dong Wan’s vocal track ‘Why Me…’ and Eric, Junjin, and Andy’s rap track ‘Highway Star’ featuring IVY exhibit their charisma. The principal track is Once In a Lifetime, which includes all the ingredients of a beautiful easy listening tune that is worth listening to multiple times. The album also comes with a bonus 44-page photobook. – credits to ` k s and YesAsia

Byul Vol. 3 – 눈물샘 (May 11)

Byul is returning after a year since her previous album and its much loved hit ‘AnBoo’. In May 2006 Byul has come out with her 3rd album. Byul is showing is showing a new side of her through her album jacket, music video concept, hair and makeup. She is also revealing, in particular, a mature image not seen in her 1st and 2nd albums with her S-line and body as can be seen in her album jacket. She is portraying herself as a woman. The power she wasn’t able to show in the 1st and 2nd is now shown in her song ‘Spring Tears’ which comes from the hitmakers of god, Bi, and Lim Jeong Hee (aka JYP). ‘Spring Tears’ is a ballad with a latin rhythm and an orchestra. Out of the 13 tracks on the album, Byul wrote 5 songs and there are two remakes on the album, ‘Forever Love’ and ‘Stay by my Side’ as well as 2 songs from the ‘Ee Byul Deh Suh OST’. – credits to ` k s

Lee An Vol. 2 – Call It Love (May 11)
Choi Min Soo Vol. 1 – The men’s story (May 12)
Asia Vol. 1 – Babycat (May 12)

Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung