S. Korean Pop Diva Lee Hyo-Ri Dances

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Monday, May 8, 2006

South Korean pop diva Lee Hyo-Ri dances with her male partner during "2006 Hi Seoul Festival," held in Seoul Plaza in front of Seoul City Hall on May 4, 2006.

Lee Hyori is a member of the Korean pop group Fin. K.L. but also went solo in 2003, Fin. K.L. stands for "Fine Killing Liberty", which loosely translates into the "fin" (i.e the end) of "liberty killing," which means that the girls will stand up against and put an end to anything that will "kill (our) liberty." The name was chosen for the band by DSP Entertainment even before the members were chosen. Lee Hyori, who would become the group leader due to Lee Hyori being the oldest, was discovered while taking sticker pictures with her friends and was actually the last to join the group, just before their launch in January 1998. Fin. K.L. debuted officially on May 22, 1998 with their first single "Blue Rain." It was received quite well, but it was not until their second release from their first album: To My Boyfriend, that Fin. K.L. truly proved their popularity and "To My Boyfriend" became the first of their numerous number 1 hits. Following their fourth album Forever, Hyori launched her solo career: first as an MC, of "Time Machine" and "Happy Together" and then with the release of her first album, Stylish E.

Lee Hyori swept the Daesangs, the most prestigious of Korean music awards, of 2003, winning more than 7 ‘artist of the year’ awards. Her first solo album, Stylish E, sold more than 170,000 copies in Korea alone. She also appeared as the lead female actress in the SBS drama Three Leaf Clover co-starring opposite Ryu Jin, Kim Jung Hwa, Kim Kang Woo & Lee Hoon. Hyori’s popularity, in her various activities, eventually came to be dubbed as "Hyori Syndrome" in South Korea, and the Korean Media nicknamed 2003 "The Year of Hyori" as she was rarely out of the news all year.

Hyori is a very well-known model and spokesperson as well, for Samsung (and their "Anycall" range of phones), FR Jeans, GGPX New York, Biotherm Korea, G-Market, Dove (company), Delmonte and Samsachun. Her magazine resumé includes AnAn, Ceci, Ecole, InStyle, Khaki Girl, Luxury Wedding, Seventeen, Stylish Fashion Message, Travel & Leisure, Women We Love and most recently (September 2005) Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmo and (October 2005) Ceci. Hyori also regularly appears in television adverts for Samsung and G-Market. In October 2005 the long-awaited follow-up to the very successful Samsung "Anycall" cf (long advert) was released, dubbed "Anycall 2", to wide acclaim and accompanied the launch of a flagship Samsung Anycall Centre in Seoul, opened by Hyori. In November 2005, Hyori was once again chosen to be the face of GGPX New York’s winter range of clothing, fronting the GGPX Winter Collection with a very high profile advertising campaign in her native Korea.

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