Win the Spring Waltz OST’s from SOOMPI!

2006-05-09 06:04:45 2010-11-24 11:04:06

Congratulations to Jane Kim from Castro Valley, CA, and Annie Luong from Toronto, winners of the 2 OST’s!

Make any purchase at YesAsia through SOOMPI from May 9th – May 23rd to automatically be entered to win a free copy of either Spring Waltz OST or Spring Waltz Classic OST. New customers will be entered twice, doubling your chances of winning!

Following in the steps of A Tale of Autumn, Winter Sonata, and Summer Scent comes Korea’s new seasonal drama – Spring Waltz by Yoon Suk Ho. This special series is not only highly anticipated in its homeland but also in major places all over Asia including Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. For the music score the producers selected a choice ensemble of music artists that borrow their vocals to pop, acoustic, and new age infused tunes. Of course some major ballads were also included on the album with the principal track being modern rock group Loveholic’s One Love. Other songs that can be found on this potential soundtrack release include "Rainbow" (Track 12) by S.E.S’ Bada, Lee Ji Soo’s Clementine, Jang Sae Yung’s A Sad Memory as well as Cannonball that was performed by Irish singer/songwriter Damien Rice.

Yoon Seok Ho has added Spring Waltz to his "Four Seasons Series" that earlier offered the popular titles A Tale of Autumn, Winter Sonata, and Summer Scent. The talked about series now comes alive in the homes of all enthusiastic fans via this easy listening Spring Waltz Classic original soundtrack. Assembling such talented musicians as pianist/composer Yiruma, M.I.K member and passionate pianist Julius Kim as well as the equally talented pianist Chong Park, this 2-CD combo shines with world class quality. Including such touching melodies as Spring Waltz, A Sad Motive, and Chopin Etude, a K-drama series may never have sounded better!