Singer/Actor Choi Jung-won to Hold Fan Meeting in Japan

2006-05-11 13:57:23 2010-11-24 11:04:08

2006, May 11

Singer/actor Choi Jung-won, a former member of the group UN, will hold a fan meeting in Japan.

Choi is visiting Japan at the invitation of Japanese planning agency CrossOne. The fan meeting was arranged for the Japanese fans he gathered when he worked as a member of UN. The event will be held at the Shibuya Box in Tokyo on May 13 at 7:00 p.m., where he will shake hands with about 500 fans.

As the expression of his thanks for the invitation, Choi will present his fans with costumes and accessories that he has worn on TV programs.

Choi’s Japanese fans will also throw a surprise birthday party for him. Though his birthday fell on May 1, his fans will celebrate his birthday belatedly.

An official from Choi’s agency, Olive9, said, "He has decided to visit Japan after some hesitation, because of his fans’ unwavering concern and love for him, though he is no longer working as a member of UN."

Choi is now poised to act in TV dramas, receiving some requests from TV networks to star in various shows. He is currently preparing to record songs to release a single album in Japan. As such, Choi will work as an actor in Korea and perform as a singer in Japan.