Actress Lee Ah Hyun (이아현)’s wedding is held on 5/20

2006-05-22 04:28:37 2010-11-24 11:04:14

5/20/06 – On 5/20, the wedding of Lee Ah Hyun (이아현, 34), who played the elder sister of the role Kim Sam Soon in the drama “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”, is held at “Grand Hyatt Hotel Grand Ball Room (그랜드 하얏트호텔그랜드볼룸)” of Seoul.  The bridegroom is Lee In Gwang (이인광) who is the representative of “Star M Planning (스타엠플래닝)”.

They met each other two years ago and then develop love relationship.  Entertainers Kim Sun Ah, Kim Min Jong, Im Chang Jung, Gong Hyun Jin, Kim Tae Woo, Im Jung Hee (김선아, 김민종, 임창정, 공형진, 김태우, 임정희), etc. attend the ceremony.  In addition to “My Name is Kim Sam Soon”, LAH also performed in drama “Wild Flower (들꽃)”, movie “Palm Tree Forest (종려나무 숲)”, and “South of the Border (국경의 남쪽)”.