Kim Jung Wook (김정욱) leads 4-episode MBC drama “Her Cerebral Hemorrhage Story (그녀의 뇌출혈 스토리)”

2006-05-22 04:21:30 2010-11-24 11:04:14

5/18/06 – Kim Jung Wook (김정욱) is selected to lead the 4-episode drama “Her Cerebral Hemorrhage Story (그녀의 뇌출혈 스토리)” scheduled to be aired by MBC in July following the final episode of “The Exhibition of Fireworks”. 

He plays the role Min Woo (민우) who is the first love of the heroine Yi Ji (이지) played by Yoon Son Ha.  Min Woo and Yi Ji were lovers in college, but unkind sentiments developed between them.  Afterwards, Min Woo left and studied in USA, and then becomes a successful doctor.  Later, Yi Ji who works as a urology nurse meets Min Woo again and her mind is shaken one more time. This comedy-romance drama is adapted from Kim Eun So (김은소)’s internet novel bearing the same title.  KJW’s latest drama was “Let’s Go to The Beach (해변으로 가요)” aired by SBS in 2005.