New k-pop album releases – May 20 – 26, 2006

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각나그네 Vol. 1 – Green Tour (May 23)
Liar Band Vol. 2 – 사랑한다 더 사랑한다 (May 24)
Cuzky – Romance (May 25)
The Cathouse Vol. 1 – 상상 (May 26)
Uptown Vol. 5 – Testimony (May 26)

01. My Style
02. Fiesta
03. Don’t Rush it
04. One Mo’ Time
05. Amigo
06. Ola Ola
07. Don’t worry
08. Karma
09. No Mo’ Cry
10. One Mo’ Time (remix)
11. My Style (English Version)

Legendary Hip-Hop Group!!! ‘UpTown’ has made a come back!!!
They have made a come back with good music that will go far and beyond the limits of today’s music.
‘Uptown [Testimony]’ Official Release!!!
Uptown had debuted in 1997 and released four albums which got explicit help from fans. They were very successful and is now known as the ‘Korea’s Hip-Hop Legend’. Uptown has freshly reunited again and has made a comeback this year of 2006.
Uptown’s title song has great energy and rhythm that is well fitted with the Korean audience. A song that has a simple melody to it with powerful rap. A song about a guy who makes a dash on a woman that is his ideal type. Right after their album got released, songs like ‘one mo’ time’ and ‘fiesta’ (which is mixed with latin beat and rap), also has gained much popularity. Their songs are going beyond today’s music trend. – credits to purpletiger86

Source: Hanteo, YesAsia, Annyoung