Kim Min Joon leads the movie “A Thousand Tongues (천개의 혀)”

2006-06-01 02:18:22 2010-11-24 11:04:21

5/31/06 – Kim Min Joon will costar with Yoo Joon Sang and Kim Yoo Mi (유준상, 김유미) in the movie “A Thousand Tongues (천개의 혀)”.  In this thriller about medicine, KMJ plays a doctor who is threatened a ransom for a medical accident.  The filming of the movie will begin in June and the debut is scheduled in November.  KMJ’s latest projects include the drama “Lover in Prague”, movie “Never to Lose (강력3반)”, and movie “No Mercy for the Rude (예의 없는 것들)” costarring with Shin Ha Gyoon.