Kim Min Sun and Kim Kang Woo lead the movie “Heavenly Creature (천상의 피조물)”

2006-06-01 02:06:10 2010-11-24 11:04:20

5/24/06 – Kim Min Sun and Kim Kang Woo (김민선, 김강우) will lead the movie “Heavenly Creature (천상의 피조물)”.  KKW plays the role Park Do Won (박도원) who has expertise in building and repairing robots.  KMS plays the role Hye Joo Buddha (혜주 보살) who is an expert at astronomical phenomenon. 

This movie is one part of the omnibus “Mankind Destruction Statement (인류멸망보고서)” directed by three directors Kim Ji Woon, Im Pil Sung, and Han Jae Rim (김지운, 임필성, 한재림).  Director Kim Ji Woon is in charge of this movie while Im Pil Sung and Han Jae Rim would direct “Beautiful New World (멋진 신세계)” and “Christmas Present (크리스마스 선물)” respectively.  KMS’s latest drama was “Young Jae’s Golden Time (MBC)”, and KKW acted in “Three Leaf Clover” of 2005.