Actress Hwang Sin-hye Holds 1st Fan Meeting in Japan

2006-06-11 11:52:13 2010-11-24 11:04:27

2006, June 09

Actress Hwang Sin-hye successfully held her first fan meeting in Japan at the Four Seasons Hotel in Tokyo on June 7 as part of her efforts to promote her DVD and photo album produced by Yellow Film.

Hwang’s popularity has soared recently in Japan, earning her the title of "Korean beauty." At the fan meeting, the actress enjoyed herself with some 600 fans from across Japan.

At the meeting, Hwang introduced her workout DVD entitled "Body by Cine," as well as her secrets to staying in shape. On how she manages to remain so beautiful for her age, Hwang said, "A woman cannot be beautiful if she is unhealthy. I place the highest priority on health to enhance my beauty. I think you can feel rewarded only when you’re healthy."

Hwang randomly chose ten fans to present them with her dresses and sun glasses that she wore during the filming of her DVD, and shook hands with the fans.