Kim Nam Joo and Sul Kyung Goo lead the movie “His Voice (그놈 목소리)”

2006-06-15 17:43:23 2010-11-24 11:04:30

6/15/06 – Kim Nam Joo and Sul Kyung Goo (설경구) will lead the movie “His Voice (그놈 목소리)”.  This movie portrays that a couple played by SKG and KNJ go through miserable 44 days during which they are threatened a ransom by the person who kidnapped their son. 

KNJ plays the role Oh Ji Sun (오지선) who is a loving wife and mother.  Ji Sun’s husband is a TV anchor reporter played by SKG, and she has a 9-year-old son.  Ji Sun is shocked and is in desperation and out of control when her son is kidnapped.  KNJ states, “Although my inexperience in performing in a movie makes me feel burdened, I have sympathy towards my role in this movie because I am a child’s mother now.  Moreover, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to collaborate with Sul Kyung Goo.  Thus, I select this movie as my comeback project.”  The debut of this movie is scheduled in this winter.  KNJ’s last drama was “Her House (그 여자네 집)” aired by MBC in 2001.