Artist of the week – Lee Jung

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Our featured artist this week is R&B singer Lee Jung. He used to be a member of the group 7dayz. When he turned solo in 2003, he caught my attention with the song "다신" (Never Again). He is good in both up-tempo and slow-tempo songs, and his voices draw comparison with Kim Gun Mo and park Jin Young. After releasing 2 albums, he participated in the MBC sitcom "Nonstop 5", showing us that he is a pretty good actor too. This year, he releases his 3rd album and has his first top 10 hit "열" (Fever). This song features Epik High’s Tablo, which co-stars with Lee Jung in Nonstop 5.

Here are his detailed information, credited to KBS World:

Real name : Lee Jung-hee
Date of birth : October 24th, 1981
Physique : 173cm, 67kg
Education : Department of Visual Music, Dong-ah Broadcasting College
Hobbies : Traveling, meditation, interior design, boxing, driving, fashion design

As a former member of a vocal band called 7dayz, Lee Jung is loved by many people for his soulful music. He is also one of the most promising male singers in Korea, being called "The second Kim Gun-mo."
Lee Jung has always been very much interested in soul and R&B music. Since he was a senior in high school, Lee studied vocal music at Seoul Jazz Academy. After he entered Dong-ah Broadcasting College, Lee formed a male vocal band with singers including Seo Jae-ho. In 2002, the band 7dayz released an album and made their official debut. However, the response from the populace was not enough for the band to continue performing. Soon the band broke up and Lee Jung stopped performing as a singer for a while. Then, Lee Jung met with Kim Chang-hwan, a producer known as ‘the manufacturer of top singers.’ In 2003, Lee Jung released the album "Who Is It?" as a solo singer. His vocal color, which seemed to be a mixture of Kim Gun-mo’s and Park Jin-young’s, immediately caught the attention of pop music lovers. With the song "Never Again," Lee successfully debuted as a solo singer. In 2004, Lee released his second album, "Look At Me" which finally propelled him to stardom. Songs like "Look At Me" and "Summer Holiday" were great hits. Lee Jung also made his acting debut on a television sitcom series Nonstop 5. In 2006, Lee Jung returned to the singing stage with his third album, "Rebirth of Regent."

Who Is It? (1st album, 2003) : Never Again, Do It Tomorrow, What?, I Can’t Stop, The Third Weekend
IPB Image
Look At Me (2nd album, 2004) : Summer Holiday, Look At Me, U R My Life, Don’t Make Me Cry
IPB Image
Nonstop 5 OST – Just a Sigh
IPB Image
Rebirth of Regent (4th album, 2006) : Burn It Up, Fever, Fall in Love, Young Boy, Do It For You, Shall We
Dance, You Are Pretty