Lee Sung Jae’s comeback to drama after 8 years – “Stranger than Paradise (천국보다 낯선)”

2006-06-20 02:13:38 2010-11-24 11:04:32

6/16/06 – On 6/16, Lee Sung Jae (이성재) start filming the Monday-Tuesday drama "Stranger than Paradise (천국보다 낯선)" scheduled to be aired by SBS around the end of July.

In this drama, he plays the role Yoon Jae (윤재) who is an insurance salesman having prior job experience as an attorney. The drama portrays a mother having Alzheimer’s disease and her relationship with her two sons played by Lee Sung Jae and Uhm Tae Woong. Actress Kim Min Jung (김민정) plays the role Yoo Wee Ran (유위란) who is a top singer. The filming will be moved to Canada for one week starting from 6/21. LSJ’s last drama was "Lie (거짓말)" aired 8 years ago.