Song Yun Ah leads the MBC weekend drama “Elder Sister (누나)”

2006-06-22 02:35:54 2010-11-24 11:04:33

6/21/06 – Song Yun Ah will lead the weekend drama “Elder Sister (누나)” scheduled to be aired by MBC on 8/12 following the final episode of “Really Really Like You”.  The drama portrays 3 siblings coping with the decline of their family after their parents passed away suddenly.  SYA plays the eldest sister Seung Joo (승주) responsible for taking care of her younger siblings in poor environment.

The PD is Oh Kyung Hoon (오경훈) whose previous dramas include “Love Letter” and “Fire Bird”, and the script writer is Kim Jung Soo (김정수) who wrote for the dramas “Mother’s Ocean (엄마의 바다, 1993)” and “Her House (2001)”.  The production company is negotiating with candidates of the lead actor such as Son Chang Min (손창민).  The filming of this drama will be started in mid July.  SYA’s new movie “Arang (아랑)” will be debuted on 6/28.  Her previous drama was “Hong Kong Express” broadcasted by SBS in 2005.