Jung Woong In (정웅인) leads the MBC drama “Rude Women (발칙한 여자들)”

2006-06-26 04:10:50 2010-11-24 11:04:36

6/24/06 –  Jung Woong In (정웅인) is selected to lead the weekend drama “Rude Women (발칙한 여자들)”, aka “Desperate Housewife (위기의 주부)”, scheduled to be aired by MBC around the end of July following the final episode of “Exhibition of Fireworks”.  The lead actress is Yoo Ho Jung (유호정). 

This drama portrays revenge on husband, housewife’s chronic melancholia, and idea of rudeness.  JWI plays the role Jung Suk (정석) who is a dentist and makes off-the-wall decision to divorce his wife.  In the hospital managed by Jung Suk, he is constantly scouted by his ex-wife Mi Joo (played by Yoo Ho Jung) and his wife Eun Young (은영) played by Im Ji Eun (임지은).  JWI just got married recently.  His previous drama was aired 7 years ago.