Lee Gi Woo acts in the MBC drama “Rude Women (발칙한 여자들)”

2006-06-29 02:19:54 2010-11-24 11:04:39

6/27/06 – Lee Gi Woo (이기우) will costar with Yoo Ho Jung in the weekend drama “Rude Women (발칙한 여자들)”, aka “Desperate Housewife (위기의 주부)”, scheduled to be aired by MBC on 7/29 following the final episode of “Exhibition of Fireworks”. 

LGW plays the role Jang Woo Jin (장우진) who is a baseball player having outstanding caliber and appearance.  After the heroine Mi Joo (미주, played by Yoo Ho Jung) returned to Korea as a dentist, she bumps into Woo Jin, who is younger than her, in his house.  Woo Jin is injured during a contest and loses all that he has.  Mi Joo gives him encouragement and they become lovers.  LGW states, “I am eager to play this character after I read the script.  The leads Yoo Ho Jung and Jung Woong In are senior actress and actor who I like.  I could learn a lot from them in this drama.”  LGW’s previous drama was “A Love To Kill” aired by KBS2.