Eric, Lee Dong Gun, Yoo Ji Tae, Ji Jin Hee, and Soh Ji Sup in the music compilation album “Sympathy (동감)” Volume 4

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6/30/06 – Eric, Lee Dong Gun, Yoo Ji Tae, Ji Jin Hee, and Soh Ji Sup (에릭,  이동건,  유지태,  지진희,  소지섭)   participate in the recording of the music compilation album  “Sympathy (동감)” Volume 4. 

Many top stars have been invited to collaborate in this series.  Popular hip-hop, dance, ballad, and hit songs were collected in volume 1, 2, and 3.  Those albums were extremely popular and had good sales records.  In 1999, Jang Dong Gun, Won Bin, Yoo Oh Sung, Jung Joon Ho, and Goo Bon Seung (장동건, 원빈, 유오성, 정준호, 구본승) were in the first album.  Then, Bae Yong Joon, Cha Seung Won, Jang Hyuk, Jo In Sung, Kim Jae Won, Sul Kyung Goo, Kim Min Joon, Kim Rae Won, Lee Suh Jin , and Yang Dong Geun (배용준, 차승원, 장혁, 조인성, 김재원, 설경구, 김민준, 김래원, 이서진, 양동근), etc. were in subsequent albums. 

This time, 4 DVDs containing music videos and 2 CDs containing newest dance, ballad, and drama OSTs are included in this volume with the theme “Four Seasons (사계)”.  Lee Dong Gun features “Spring: Propose (봄:프로포즈)” while the other stars presenting themes of “Summer: Rest (여름:휴식)”, “Autumn: Wine Party (가을:와인파티)”,  “Winter: Christmas (겨울: 크리스마스)”, etc.  Except Soh Ji Sup, who is currently in military service, other four stars showed up together in a studio recently for photo shoots.  Photos of SJS will be taken later.  Singer Lee Soo Young’s song “When Love Passes By (이수영, ‘사랑이 지나가면’), Shinhwa’s “Brandnew”, and Kim Jong Gook’s “One Man (김종국, ‘한남자’) are included in this volume.

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