Kim Yun-jin to Appear on Letterman

2006-07-03 12:00:51 2010-11-24 11:04:41

Jul 3, 2006

The Korean actress Kim Yun-jin, who thanks to the ABC hit series "Lost" now has considerable star appeal in the U.S., will appear on the long-running "Late Show with David Letterman," an honor last accorded a Korean when the teenage golfer Michelle Wie made an appearance last year. Being a guest on the show will give Kim a sense of having finally arrived.

According to a source close to the actress, Kim joked it would be nice if she was invited on the Letterman show when she started acting in the States. Two and a half years later, that dream has come true. This is not an invitation during the publicity season for "Lost", says the source, but is instead due to Kim Yun-jin’s own star power.

The live appearance in front of a studio audience is scheduled for July 11 and will provide a good opportunity for the actress to introduce the world of Korean films as well as open up opportunities for herself. Kim will catch a plane headed to New York on July 9. Kim finished shooting for the second season of "Lost" in May and will start work on the third season in August.

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