Shinhwa to Begin Asian Tour in Shanghai

2006-07-06 16:50:41 2010-11-24 11:04:44

Jul 6, 2006

The male band Shinhwa will soon launch an Asian tour beginning on July 8th in Shanghai, China.

The group will leave for Shanghai on July 6th to give the concert entitled “State-of-the-Art in Shanghai.” The band will visit the Chinese city for the first time in four years as the first leg of its Asian tour outside Korea.

Some 10,000 tickets to Shinhwa’s concert were sold out just a month after their release in late May, with each ticket costing up to 1880 yuan, or 240,000 won.

Attesting to the group’s popularity, some 100 journalistic teams from Chinese media outlets will attend Shinhwa’s news conference slated for July 7 in China.

Shinhwa’s Shanghai concert will feature the solo performances of two members–Lee Min-woo (known as “M” as a solo artist) whose solo album has been licensed in China, and Shin Hye-sung. Unlike its domestic concerts where its repertoire focused on the group’s new songs and each member’s individual performances, in China the group’s repertoire will include many of its past hit songs, including “Perfect Man,” “Hero” and “Only One.”

When singing “Brand New,” the title song of the band’s seventh album, Shinhwa will perform on a gorgeously decorated stage adorned with the color red and use red accessories to create a bold and passionate atmosphere.

The band members said they are both excited and nervous about the upcoming concert, and pledged to do their best for their Chinese fans.

Shinhwa will return to Korea on July 9th.