“Spring Waltz” to be Aired in Japan

2006-07-06 16:46:14 2010-11-24 11:04:43

2006, July 06

The Korean Drama “Spring Waltz” will be exported to Japan. The drama’s producer Yoon’s Color said Thursday that the drama starring Han Hyo-joo and Seo Do-young will be aired across Japan on NHK in October.

Since it is the final part of producer Yoon Seok-ho’s series of seasonal dramas including “Winter Sonata,” which sparked the Korean Wave, or Korean pop-culture craze in Japan, attention is being drawn to whether it can gain as much popularity as “Winter Sonata.”

Yoon’s Color had produced the drama targeting overseas markets as it signed an export contract with Japan even before starting the production. According to the contract, the company recently agreed to broadcast it in Japan in October.

In addition, the musical version of “Winter Sonata” is scheduled to be staged around the same time as the drama’s airing, raising expectations that the Korean Wave will hit the country once again via TV and in theaters.

“Spring Waltz” was aired in 20 episodes in Korea from March through May to a mediocre response from viewers, although it succeeded in introducing two new faces.

Source: http://english.kbs.co.kr/entertainment/news/1404539_11858.html