Actor Kim Jeong-hoon Named “Most Prince-like Korean Actor” in China

2006-07-08 14:47:28 2010-11-24 11:04:44

2006, July 07

Actor Kim Jeong-hoon was named the “most prince-like Korean actor” in China.

The Chinese portal site said Thursday that Kim won 30.41 percent, or 6,217 votes, on a recent poll asking “Who is the most prince-like actor among Korean stars?” and took the top spot on the poll.

The portal site said that the poll result is attributable to Kim’s soft and elegant image reminiscent of a prince in a fairytale.

The Korean drama “Palace” starring Kim was recently carried on Hong Kong’s Star TV and on the Internet.

Actor Lee Jun-ki of the movie “King and the Clown” won 30.25 percent and came in a close second, followed by Bae Yong-jun with 29.88 percent and Ju Ji-hun, another male lead of the drama “Palace,” with 7.72 percent.

Meanwhile, fans of Lee were disappointed at the poll result, since Lee had held the lead until Wednesday, one day before the end of the poll.

Kim’s fans posted messages online endorsing the poll result and debating with Lee’s fans.