Shinhwa’s Jun Jin to Make Solo Debut

2006-07-10 16:09:48 2010-11-24 11:04:45

Jul 10, 2006

Jun Jin, a member of the six-man group Shinhwa, will make his solo debut in October. He announced his solo debut at a press conference held before a concert in Shanghai as part of the group’s Asia tour.

“I plan to release my first solo album around in October. Since it is my first time, I am giving careful thought to the plan and discussing it with other members,” Jun said. “Personally I want to try a Yoo Seung-jun style, and composers I talked to told me that it can appeal to the public.”

Jun added that his first album will be a single album containing ballad and dance songs, and that he asked composer and group fellow Lee Min-woo to compose music pieces for him.

Lee Min-woo said that he asked Jun what style he wants and will try his best to create songs that can display Jun’s abilities and appeal to people. “I am thinking of producing his album as well,” he added.

Besides working as a singing group, all members of Shinhwa individually work as show guests or act in dramas. Jun is the group’s third member to release his own solo album after Shin Hye-sung and Lee Min-woo.