Park Sol Mi leads the movie “Homicide Case on Paradise (극락도 살인사건)”

2006-07-12 02:08:47 2010-11-24 11:04:46

7/06/06 – Park Sol Mi (28) leads the movie “Homicide Case on Paradise (극락도 살인사건)”.  The lead actor is Park Hae Il (박해일).  This movie portrays an unpredictable cruel homicide case. 

PSM plays the role Kwi Nam (귀남) who is a respected teacher on an island taking good care of her students. However, Kwi Nam is a mysterious person having the courage to keep a thorough secret.  When the sensational homicide case happens on the island, Kwi Nam’s calmness makes herself become the only survivor of the event holding the key to resolve the case.  Supporting cast of this movie includes Sung Ji Roo, Park Won Sang, and Choi Joo Bong, Lee Dae Yun, and Kim In Moon (성지루, 박원상, 최주봉, 이대연, 김인문).  The filming has already been started on 6/12.  PSM’s previous movie project was “Dance with the Wind (바람의 전설)” of 2004.