Popular sitcom Francesca is now an animated film

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2006, July 11

Actors from the original sitcom lend their voices to Hello, Francesca

Hello, Francesca, MBC’s hugely popular sitcom, has been re-released as an animated film and a comic book.

Hyoin Animation announced recently that it is screening the animated film version of Francesca, a collaboration between Whiteline and Orange Animation Studio, at the opening of the Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (PIFAN) on July 13.

Completed after 10 months of production, the comic animation, based on the characters of the first season of the TV sitcom Hello, Francesca, is about a family of vampires who came to live in the world of mortals and find themselves escaping one crisis after another.

What is particularly interesting is that actors in the original sitcom such as Park, Seol-gi (Sophia), Shin, Hae-cheol (Andre), Lee, Doo-il (Doo-il), or Lee, Kyeon (Kyeon) also lent their voices to their characters in the animation.

After its screening at the PIFAN on July 14, 16, and 18, Francesca will be distributed via major Korean online portals including Naver and iMBC.

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