Lee Joo Hyun performs in SBS drama “Yun Gae So Moon (연개소문, 淵蓋蘇文)”

2006-07-13 02:15:26 2010-11-24 11:04:47

7/11/06 – Lee Joo Hyun (이주현) will act in the large-scale historical drama “Yun Gae So Moon (연개소문, 淵蓋蘇文)” of which the first episode was aired on 7/8 and scored TV rating above 20%. 

LJH plays the role Lee Se Min (이세민), aka the youth of Chinese Emperor Tang Tae Jong (당태종, 唐太宗).  Lee Se Min overthrew the tyrant Yang Je (양제) and then built the grand Tang Dynasty.  Although the young Lee Se Min and Yun Gae So Moon have friendship, Lee Se Min doesn’t extend his full support to Yun Gae So Moon.  Actor Lee Tae Gon (이태곤) plays the youth of Yun Gae So Moon.  The representative of the production team states, “We select Lee Joo Hyun to play the youth of Tang Tae Jong due to his superior caliber and image as well as his strong charisma.  We expect that he and Lee Tae Gon have good confrontation on performances.”  LJH just got married in last April.