Film “Hanbando” Breaks Domestic Opening Record

2006-07-14 17:24:45 2010-11-24 11:04:47

Jul 14, 2006

The "faction" (fact+fiction) blockbuster “Hanbando” directed by Kang Woo-seok and produced by KnJ Entertainment drew 230,538 viewers on its opening day.

According to the film’s PR company, Inno, “Hanbando” opened in 500 theaters nationwide on July 13, including 121 theaters in Seoul, finishing third in terms of number of viewers drawn on the first day among the blockbusters that opened this summer, and first among domestic films.

For comparision, “The Da Vinci Code,” which opened on May 18, drew 238,599 viewers on its opening day in 414 theaters nationwide, while “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest,” which opened July 6, drew 237,000 viewers, surpassing “Hanbando” by a narrow margin.

”Hanbando”, another notable production by director Kang Woo-seok, who also directed “Silmido,” is a story about a Korean president and historians who try desperately to find the genuine royal seal of the Joseon Kingdom to regain the country’s right to the Gyeongui inter-Korean railway. The leading roles of the 10 billion won blockbuster are played by actors Cho Jae-hyun, Cha In-pyo, Ahn Sung-ki and Moon Sung-keun. ”