Eric Moon Raps for SMAP’s New Album

2006-07-26 16:27:35 2010-11-24 11:04:53


Eric Moon, a member of the male band Shinwha, has participated in the recording of a new album from the popular Japanese group SMAP.

Moon wrote and performed a rap for the solo song “Tokyo” from the group’s album entitled “Pop Up! SMAP,” which is due for release on July 26. Moon recorded the song, a remake of an old Japanese hit song, on July 11 in a Gangnam studio in Seoul.

Shinwha and SMAP have been friends for a long time. Another Shinwha member, Lee Min-woo, wrote the song “Heaven” for SMAP’s 16th album, which was released in July last year, while Shin Hye-sung performed a duo with a SMAP member. Moon has become the first member of Shinhwa to participate in a SMAP recording alone.

"I’m happy to be part of SMAP’s new album because I really like it. I hope their new album and the new album from Shinwha entitled “Inspiration,” which will be released in Japan August 16, will be popular among listeners,” said Moon.

Moon has also recently renewed his six-month contract with the CJ brand “Spam.” The brand has become popular in Japan since its TV commercial went on the air in Japan in April, which largely stems from Shinwha’s activities in Japan and Moon’s popularity for his role in the TV drama “Rookie.” Japan’s BS Fuji has been airing the drama “Firebird,” which also stars Moon, since July 19.

Shinwha will give concerts in Thailand on August 19, Tokyo on September 24 and Osaka on September 26 as part of its 2006 tour entitled “State Of The Art.”