Top selling k-pop albums – January to June 2006

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SG Wannabe is the top seller as expected. They edged out Lee Soo Young as the top selling album in the first half of 2006. But the sales are lower and lower each year. sad.gif Again, I am sure this list is not complete. Shinhwa and Kim Jong Kook’s album is definitely in the top 10 and both should be selling over 100,000 copies. This is just for reference only. If MIAK updates this list, I’ll change it.

1. SG Wannabe Vol. 3 – The 3rd Masterpiece

Date of release: 2006.04.07
Total sales: 233,058

2. Lee Soo Young Vol. 7 – Grace

Date of release: 2006.01.20
Total sales: 212,191

3. Fly To The Sky Vol. 6 – Transition

Date of release: 2006.01.06
Total sales: 144,233

4. Buzz Vol. 3 – Perfect

Date of release: 2006.04.24
Total sales: 90,597

5. Vibe Vol. 3 – Re-feel

Date of release: 2006.02.27
Total Sales: 79,577

6. Se7en Vol. 3 – 24/7

Date of release: 2006.03.07
Total sales: 76,361

7. See Ya Vol. 1 – The First Mind

Date of release: 2006.02.24
Total sales: 56,584

8. Baek Ji Young Vol. 5 – Smile Again

Date of release: 2006.03.30
Total sales: 42,408

9. Goong (MBC Drama) OST

Date of release: 2006.02.01
Total sales: 40,195

10. Superjunior – U
Date of release: 2006.06.03
Total sales: 36,516


According to hottracks (website in Korea), we have a different top 10 albums that include Shinhwa and Kim Jong Kook.

Hottracks Jan-Jun sales chart (2006.1 to 2006.6)

No.1  신화 (Shinhwa) STATE OF THE ART
No.3   이수영 (Lee SooYoung) GRACE
No.4   Fly to the Sky TRANSITION
No.5   Seven 24/7
No.6   Buzz PERFECT
No.7   Vibe RE-FEEL
No.9   김종국 (Kim JongKook) KIM JONGKOOK’S 4TH LETTER
No.10   이효리 (Lee HyoRi) DARK ANGEL

Credits: [email protected] (english translation), South Korean Music Association (source), Loving_D (soompi member)