TV Spot Pitches Korea’s Sexiest Against Each Other

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Aug 1, 2006

To make the hot summer months even hotter, Jeon Ji-hyun and Lee Hyo-lee are engaged in a battle over the title of Korea’s sexiest woman, pitted against each other to hype satellite DMB phones in a commercial.

The two stars’ initials have been used to christen the two Samsung Anycall phones Slim&J and Slim&H. They each have their own color. Lee is sexy in a provocative way, but can also be cute and unaffected. Jeon Ji-hyun manages to be sexy at the same time as radiating a certain purity and innocence.

Lee Hyo-lee dressed as Marilyn Monroe in a Samsung Anycall commercial

Even before shooting the commercial, the two were engaged in a war of nerves. Lee Hyo-lee has been paid top dollar for her work, now in its fourth year, endorsing the electronics maker, but Jeon Ji-hyun burst onto the scene only recently. The two reportedly looked out for news on the other’s every move, including how many days they spent shooting and what the atmosphere on the set was like. There was the inevitable attendant buzz in cyberspace, with a segment of the Internet pictorial "accidentally" finding its way on the nation’s major portal sites. There were over 4.2 million search inquiries on the topic and it became one of the hottest downloads at Cyworld and on blogs.

Jeon Ji-hyun in a Samsung Anycall commercial

Both Lee’s and Jeon’s TV spots begin in bed, where the two seduce a man. Jeon maintains her cool without flinching, while Lee projects passion. The ad was shot in the heart of San Francisco on Union St., but the two’s appearance is known to have caused a nightmare of a traffic jam. Cheil Communications that put together the commercials said, "People slowing down to check out the excellent style of the two models, led to an untimely traffic backup." The twin spots took to the airwaves on Tuesday.

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