Hyun Bin, casted in KBS ‘Noon Eui Yeo Wang (Queen of Snow)’

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Actor Hyun Bin has been casted to be the leading actor of the KBS 2TV drama series ‘Noon Eui Yeo Wang (Queen of Snow)’ which is scheduled to air this coming November.

‘Noon Eui Yeo Wang (Queen of Snow)’ is a sad fairy-tale like love story about a genius boxer fighting against a terminal disease and a daughter of a wealthy family that meet and fill each other’s hearts. Hyun Bin has been casted for the role of the lead male character Han Tae Woong.

Tae Woong used to be labeled a boxing genius, but is now a high school drop-out that works as a sparring partner at a third-class boxing gym. Lackluster and without a dream, he one day meets a woman and feels destined love.

The drama has also gathered attention due to the participation of writers Kim Eun Hee and Yoon Eun Gyeong who were part of the team of ‘Winter Sonata’ as well as the producer and director Lee Hyeong Min of ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You.’

Lee Hyeong Min commented as the reason for casting, "I thought Hyun Bin would be the perfect fit for the role of the ‘unsfortunate genius’ Han Tae Woong who, while possessing pureness, must also be able to express childish rebelliousness. Through two characters that hold a twisted view of the world, the drama will tell a beautiful yet sad story that sets it apart from former trendy drama series."

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