Kwon Sang-woo Visits Japan for Movie Premiere

2006-08-10 15:36:18 2010-11-24 11:05:03

Aug 10, 2006

Actor Kwon Sang-woo has visited Japan for the premiere of his latest movie "Spring of Life Comic."

The Japanese daily Sports Hochi reported August 10 that Kwon, a top star in Japan, has visited Tokyo to attend the premiere of his new movie that opens across Japan on August 19, and that the movie topped the Korean box-office for two consecutive weeks when it opened in Korea in March.

When Kwon appeared at the premiere venue, his fans began singing him a birthday song to congratulate him for his birthday, which falls on August 5. In response, the impressed actor said every time he visits Japan he feels like it’s his birthday.

The fans were delighted to see a Japanese comedian group in charge of promoting "Spring of Life Comic" in Japan appear at the venue with the same hairstyle that Kwon wore when he filmed the movie.

The making-of-film DVD of "Spring of Life Comic," which goes on sale August 16, maintained the second spot for three consecutive days on HMV’s daily chart from July 26 through the 28th, and currently holds 12th place.

Entitled "The Concept of ‘Spring of Life Comic,’" the DVD consists of two discs and includes interviews with the movie’s production crew and cast.

In Japan, the DVD will be sold for 5,800 yen.