Lee Jun Gi releases digital album ‘My Jun’

2006-08-11 07:57:50 2010-11-24 11:05:03

2006, August 10

Super rookie Lee Jun Gi’s digital album ‘My Jun’ is going to be released on the 11th.

‘My Jun’ contains the songs ‘Hanmadiman (Just One Word),’ ‘Sarangeul Mollah (Don’t Know Love),’ ‘Babo Sarang (Silly Love),’ sung by Lee Jun Gi himself. Aside from the digital single itself, a special package version ‘My Jun’ including various character products is being offered for fans.

The Lee Jun Gi package includes a 6-inch character figure that is a miniature model of Lee Jun Gi, movie clips from the official fan meeting held in may with 12,000 fans, a USB flash memory with photos of Lee Jun Gi and other video clips, a cell phone cleaner, and more.

Another limited version including photos from the fan meeting is also going to be released.

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