Hwang Jung Min and Im Soo Jung Lead the movie “Happiness (행복)”

2006-08-14 19:12:26 2010-11-24 11:05:05

8/11/06 – Hwang Jung Min and Im Soo Jung (황정민, 임수정) will lead the movie “Happiness (행복)”.  The movie is directed by Huh Jin Ho (허진호) whose previous work was “April Snow (외출)”. 

In the movie, HJM plays a playboy Young Soo (영수) checking into a hospital due to sickness.  Although Young Soo has a girl friend in Seoul, he falls in love with another woman who he meets in the medical treatment unit of the hospital.  ISJ plays an optimistic woman Eun Hee (은희) bravely fighting her illness.  In order to protect the unexpected precious love, Eun Hee becomes a matured woman to accommodate every thing of her beloved man.  The filming is scheduled to start in early September.