Jung Joon Ho Leads The Movie “West 32nd (웨스트 32번가)”

2006-08-14 19:22:20 2010-11-24 11:05:05

8/14/06 – Jung Joon Ho (정준호) will costar with John Cho (존 조) in the Korea-Hollywood collaborated movie “West 32nd (웨스트 32번가)”.  The director of this movie is Michael Kang (마이클 강) who attracted attention in the “Sundance Film Festival” for his movie “The Motel”.   This movie portrays the conspiracy, ambition, love, and betrayal involving lawyers, newcomers, and Korean immigrants society. 

John Cho plays the lawyer John Kim.  The filming is scheduled to start from 8/14 till the end of September, and JJH will be at the filming site in Koreatown of New York.  The production cost is around 2.5 million dollars.  The debut will be in the first half of 2007 in both USA and Korea.