Eric Selects SBS Drama “Invincible Parachute Personnel (무적의 낙하산 요원)” As His Next Project

2006-08-17 15:06:36 2010-11-24 11:05:09

8/16/06 – Eric will costar with Han Ji Min (24), Shin Sung Woo, and Choi Jung Won in the Wednesday-Thursday drama “Invincible Parachute Personnel (무적의 낙하산 요원)” scheduled to be aired by SBS on 9/6 following the final episode of “Come Back Miss Soon Ae”.  This drama is the sequel of the drama “Super Rookie (aka New Employee)”, portraying the success story of a new employee in a confidential intelligence administration. 

On 8/16, Eric’s agency “Good EMG (굿이엠지)” confirms that Eric decides to perform in this drama.  As to the other drama “Sweet Guy (스위트 가이)”, its production company agrees to delay the time of production.  The script writer of “Invincible Parachute Personnel” is Kim Ki Ho (김기호) and the production company is “LK Production (LK제작단)”.  Both collaborated with Eric in the popular MBC drama “Super Rookie” of 2005.